One Time Phone Consultation

You may have read the book or received the email mini-series and now you find yourself needing one question answered..

Get Access to Me For 30 Minutes for one Rediculously Low Price!

This is for the business owner/entrepreneur who knows they can apply this program but needs a few quick suggestions or that one or two questions answered to kick-start their success.

You can have me answer as many questions as you can cram into the 30 minutes!

How Much Will This Cost Me?

You get 30 min of Targeted Coaching For $17

  • Once you sign up for the coaching, you will be contacted to set up the time for your call.  
  • If you want to send your questions ahead of time, you will receive a special email address to send them - that way you can be sure we are 100% on target for the entire 30 minutes.

Sounds Great, Let's Get Started

Refund Policy for Coaching:
I am more than fair and I plan to leave you feeling like you would have paid at least twice as much for the information you received.
  HOWEVER, since it is my time and I cannot get any of that back, once we have had our call, then a refund will require some work for YOU.  (What I will ask is that you show me that you put our plan into action and gave it a reasonable amount of time and effort.  If you have done that and have seen no results, I will give your money back with a smile!)

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